VW Golf MK2 Polyester Door Panels for Speakers





Introduction: VW Golf MK2 Polyester Door Panels for Speakers

Hi guys.

This was my first project with polyester and filler. And this is 7 years old project. All pictures was taken with Nokia N73. So please be gentle :)))

Step 1:

Remove drawer and made template from cardboard for preview.

Step 2:

Make the rings and other stuff from MDF.

Step 3:

Put some socks or textil for form for polyester.

Step 4:

So looks like with polyester...

Step 5:

..and so with filler.

Step 6:

After a lot of sanding.

I forget or lost pictures when I put fake leather on it. It looked good, and very impressive with this big speakers in old car:))



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