How to Reinflate a Balloon

Introduction: How to Reinflate a Balloon

A partially filled balloon is placed into a vacuum chamber. When the vacuum is turned on the pressure exerted on the balloon decreases and the balloon can expand until the bell jar is completely filled. When the air is allowed back in the jar, the pressure is reestablished and the balloon returns to its original volume. This is a great example of Boyle's Law which shows an indirect relationship between pressure and volume.



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    Walmart used to make gift balloons for showers and such that had baskets in them.they used a big machine like this to inflate the balloon, and could put large objects in it, and tie it off before depressurizing the vacuum and taking the balloon out.

    we did this with marshmallows and syringes in science class one time. they got quite big just from a syringe, you should put a few marshmallows in there.

    I can already see some kids trying to do it with their mouths.. KIDS dont try this at home..... with your mouths. Be Safe!

    It cant pop because its still the same amount of air inside the balloon, its just that the air inside is moving to accommodate the loss of air outside the balloon

    waverider894 is right. although if the air on the outside would have been more than the mass on the inside it would have popped. physics..

     yeah enigmamax is right
    air has nothing to do with whether the balloon pops(except for having too much of course)
    but if the balloon gets bigger it  physically as to pop because it will be overly stretched and tear

    well it doesn't have an unlimited supply of surface area, and if he left it going, the surface would have torn.

    cool...know throw some bread in a vacuum chamber and see what happens!

    really good idea. sounds like a good science project! any idea where to get vacuum chamber ? Or how to make one?

    This is actually pretty amazing, I never knew this was possible, you're a genius! Keep up the great stuff!