Vacuum Cleaner From Bottle

Introduction: Vacuum Cleaner From Bottle

Hi guys I am Ashwini from Jp Nagar Nook. Today I and my partner Anvith will show you how to make Vacuum cleaner from bottles at home.

Project taken by you tube :


Big bottle*1

Small bottle*1

Glue gun


Thread (any color you wish

DPDT switch

Tin sheet


Soldering iron

Soldering led

Washing machine pipe

180 Dc Motor

12v Battery

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Step 1: Bottle

As we have mentioned above, First take a bottle of big size cut a last quarter of it.

Step 2: Solder

Using soldering iron, do small holes where you have cut a qarter of the bottle .

Step 3: Fan

Now, take the metal tin and cut it in a small circle shape .

make it like a fan as shown in the picture. after making the the fan make a hole in the center of the fan.

Step 4: Small Bottle

now, you can leave the fan and the big bottle aside .

As told, take a small bottle and make holes by soldering iron in the last quarter side of bottle .

Step 5: Connecting

By the center hole of fan connect a 180 dc motor and fix wires from each terminals of the motor.

Step 6: Fixing

So coming to the last touch up, fix the small bottle to the big bottle.

NOTE=see that the two bottle caps are opened .

now, connect a 12v battery to the motor connected to the fan .you can use a DPDT switch so that the fan moves frontward and backward .

now fix the qarter of the big bottle to the another part of the bottle.

For more attraction you can decorate it with threads .

If you did not get how to do you can see the linc and do .

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