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Introduction: Vacuum Cleaner Repair

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Here is a photo set from an attempt at fixing my unresponsive vacuum cleaner. I hoped that it would be an involved project that i could do a helpful instructable on, but alas, i just had a bad clog in the vacuum that i easily took out. It worked right after i put it all back together. 

I guess this photo set could teach you one thing, always take things apart, you never know what you'll find!



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    job done!!!! Robotic vacuum courteous and helpful - no
    complaints regarding service. Prompt on day of service and I would recommend
    your cleaning service to my friends…Responsive and courteous.

    I've got an Electrolux vacuum cleaner that constantly switches off, shuts down the motor then automatically restarts every about 10 seconds.

    Any ideas, any one?

    That goes for dryers too. Clean it out before you throw it out.

    I have a floor scrubber I will try this with, and my friend's carpet cleaner.