Vacuum Cleaner

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We study at KEA in Copenhagen.
We have at project called Reverse Engineering, which is about taking things apart, and learn all of the different parts, the processes, and the function of the exact thing.

Group member:

- David Skarvig - Christopher Broe - Patrick Kongsbak - Zakaria Mansour

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Step 1: Front Top

Step 2: The Front Without the Top Part

We've taken the top (front) - and seperated it from the vacuum cleaner.

Step 3: Front Without It's Core Parts

Now we've taken the dustbag holder, and the dustbag itself, and removed it.

Step 4: Front Without the Prefilter

Simply removed the prefilter

Step 5: Adjustment Panel

Step 6: Adjustment Panel (2)

Simply removed the adjustment panel

Step 7: The Buttons (Power & Retraction)

Removed the buttons

Step 8: Back of the Vacuum

Step 9: First Filter

Removed the first filter

Step 10: Prefilter

Removed the prefilter

Step 11: Outer Shield

Taking the outer shield apart

Step 12: Wire Controller

Step 13: Back (top) Shield

Liftet the back shield

Step 14: Cable Rewinder

Lifting and removing the cable rewinder

Step 15: Accessing the Engine

Clear acces to the engine

Step 16: Empty Case

Nothing but the case

Step 17: Engine

Step 18: Taking the Engine Out of It's Case

Step 19: Isolation Foam

Step 20: A Closer Look at the Engine

Step 21:

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    3 years ago

    Great Job, I have trouble trying to open mine, but it's a different model