Vacuum Hose Wreath, Vertical Garden

Introduction: Vacuum Hose Wreath, Vertical Garden

The main idea of this project was to up-cyle parts of an old Electrolux Z8871P Vacuum cleaner. I decided to use the hose and its plastic compartments to create a vertical garden/ wreath.

This project can be done with any vacuum cleaner as long as it contains a hose, although the joint mechanism might have to be adapted to fit.


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Step 1: Up-cycle Vacuum Parts and Tools

Upcycled Parts

In order to build the vertical garden you will need 3 parts from your old vacuum cleaner:

- The vacuum hose

-The plastic cover of the hose, including the buttons.

- The plastic piece were the other end of the hose connects into the vacuum.

Other parts

- 2 screws



- Well draining soil

- A selection of succulents (6-8 plants)

Step 2: Cutting the Hose.

Start by cutting one end of the hose, so that one end of the hose ends with the plastic coil and the other with just the pipe. Cut the hose to the desired length. Consider the size of the wreath and that the smaller the diameter the stronger the structure of the pipe will be, holding the shape of the circle. I cut mine so that it was 1.2 m.

Keep the off cut for testing.

Step 3: Placing the Holes

Map out where you want the holes to be.

I drew holes that were 3cm in diameter and placed them in intervals of 7 cms.

It is important to consider the size of the hole, so that the plants have enough room to grow, yet at the same time the hole is small enough so that they wont fall out. It is also important to allow enough room in between the holes, so that the structure doesn't weaken.

Once you are happy with your mapping draw them onto the hose with a pen.

Then, I cut them out using a dremel. Make sure you use a low pressure tool to cut out the holes, so that the pressure doesn't damage the round structure of the pipe.

Using the dremel or a drill, cut some small holes on the side of the pipe so that when the wreath is hanging, the water can drain.

Step 4: Shaping the Lid

Using the dremel cut the pieces that are sticking out, so that the lid fits into the part without interfering with anything inside.

Step 5: Fitting the Plastic Pice to the Pipe.

Grab the plastic part 1 and using the dremel cut any of the bits that are sticking out ( they are coloured white in the picture). This will allow for both of the plastic pieces to fit nicely together.

After you are done cutting the pieces place the plastic piece onto the end of the hose.

Then grab the other end of the hose that has the plastic coil and cut the coil in half, this will create more room, allowing for both of the pieces to fit together inside plastic part 2.

Step 6: Securing the Pieces Together.

Once the two plastic pieces fit nicely together, secure the two pieces by drilling a screw where the two buttons are. This will ensure that both of the pieces stay together when the wreath is hanged.

Step 7: Filling the Hose With Soil.

In order to fill the hose with soil, cover the holes and one of the opening with tape, this will ensure that you can fill all of the hose with out any soil falling out in the process.

Step 8: Planting the Plants.

After the hose is filled with soil, plant the plants. I have chosen to plant succulents because they have a small root system and they like a dry growing environment, which means that they will be easy to maintain.

Depending on the plants that you choose to plant, it is important to consider which soil you are going to use. In this case since succulents like a dry growing environment it is important to use a soil that contains a free draining mix, this will ensure that plants will be kept dry, allowing most of the water to drain.

Step 9: Hanging the Wreath

I previously had some old pot hangers so I was able to hang my wreath from there, the wreath can be hung with hooks or other pot hanging structures.

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