Vaginal Irritation

Introduction: Vaginal Irritation

Curd Diet Can be followed to cure the vaginal irritation . I faced this problem and i resolved it after lot of experimentation . Since i have already tried it and got resolved , you too can try this remedy and get cured. I have suggested lot of my friends and they are happy now without irritation.

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Step 1: Curd Diet - Cures Vaginal Irritation

Vaginal irritation is increasing or more common problems for women. There are lot of products like V wash , Canesten and other creams and pills to control it. It may be due to lot of reasons like improper food diet , heat , Stress etc.

I have faced this problem and did lot of experiments and found a way , out of it.I am person who believe that every disease can be cured through the food which we intake. So when i encountered with this problem , i searched what is the reason for this burring vaginal irritation . i found that its due to the fungal formation in the vaginal area. Then i searched why this fungus is formed and found lots and lots of reasons like heat increase in body , improper food diet , Stress etc.

Then i visited doctor and i was advised to clean vaginal area with a solution called V wash. I was using it , but the irritation still continued . If i use that solution , then irritation would stop , If i stop it , then i get back the irritation . So i saw the ingredients on that solution bottle , i saw lactic acid is the main ingredient. Then i searched for the food product which has lactic acid and found it was CURD. So i stopped the V wash solution application and i started having a cup of curd to my afternoon diet. I was continuously having this for about 15 days. That irritation stopped completely . After that initial 15 days , i am mostly including curd in my diet to prevent it in future. Till now i am not having any sorts of irritation and i am happy :) .. Try it and be happy without those chemical solutions and irritations.

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