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Introduction: Valentine Chocolate Covered Strawberry Arrangement

About: Hello! My name is Jessica and I LOOVE sweets hence the name, Sw33tsntreats. My channel is about me making sweets and showing you all how I do it! Of course I would love to know what other people want to see me…

Hello! I will be showing you all how I make a chocolate covered strawberry arrangement which I believe is called a strawberry tower. There is also a link to the video that you can watch, and I want to encourage you all to subscribe to my channel and like the video as well! :) I love doing this and am always open to baking suggestions!

Here is what you'll need:

50-55 Strawberries
Red candy melts

23 oz white chocolate chips

Disposable Decorating bag

Tooth picks

Sugar like sprinkles (red and white)

Styrofoam sheet

8 inch Cake board

Styrofoam cone (11 7/8 X 3 15/16 In)

Step 1: Melt White Chocolate

Using the double boiler method (bowl of chocolate over a pot of hot HOT water), melt your white chocolate and add two capfuls of vegetable oil to loosen it up and make sure to stir it in well!

Step 2: Dunking

Next, I insert toothpicks in my strawberries to help me with dunking and shake as much excess off as I can.

Step 3: Decorating

Now with this part, there are 3 different techniques I use to decorate the strawberries. I take melted red chocolate (candy melts) in a piping bag and:

1 - pipe back and forth horizontally across the strawberry

2 - pipe back and forth horizontally again across the strawberry, use a toothpick and go from end to tip and tip to end around whole the strawberry

3 - while the strawberry is still wet, dunk it in sprinkles

I stick these strawberries on a styrofoam sheet

Step 4: Decorating the Cone

For this cone, I have taken the biggest strawberries and stuck them at the bottom at a 45 degree angle, and as I go up the cone I tilt the strawberries up each row, the video is very helpful for this part!

Step 5: The Top

I stick a toothpick at the top of the cone and then I place ribbon through the toothpick and twirl it down and stick it under the tower.

Step 6: Strawberry on Top

Now the last thing that I do, is I take more ribbon and form a bow like figure by going back and forth on the toothpick and placing a strawberry on top to hold it down.

Step 7: It's Complete!

This should be the finished product! Don't forget to like and subscribe to my channel ! :)

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    Creative Mom CZ
    Creative Mom CZ

    2 years ago

    My husband sometimes buys me buquets like this, yummy!