Valentine Fondant Owl Pop




Introduction: Valentine Fondant Owl Pop

Super cute, super easy, super fun!!  For more information or to ask questions, go to my blog,


Fondant (I used white & pre-colored fondant by Wilton's) them both at WalMart for under $10 each
Dum-Dum Suckers
food coloring (opt)


1. Mix the white & pre-colored red fondant together to get the color pink you want!

2. Roll your fondant in a ball, approx 1.5" in diameter.  Sit it on top of the sucker and push down, covering the sucker.  Doing it this way, you will have no crease marks!

3. Shape the fondant in an oblong shape & give your owl some pointy ears!

4. To make some wings, roll your fondant into a ball & use a toothpick to make a "c".  Pinch the "c" and shape it into wings.  Attach your wings (and ALL fondant peices with a TINY dab of water...don't use too much or you will get a sticky, runny mess!!!) to the body.

5. Now comes the fun part!!!  Decorate your owl!!!  Use different colors & shades of fondant to make your owl cute!  Be creative!!  I used different shades of pink (by adding white & red together) and green (added some white & a tiny bit of yellow to the pre-colored green to achieve this color green).  I couldn't help myself...I added a lil pink heart to the owl's behind! :)

I wrapped up the owl in a cello bag, added a tag "Hoo loves you?" and attached it with some green ribbon!

Hoo....wouldn't want to get an owl pop like this?!?!?!

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    6 years ago

    Is it to eat?

    Crap its Yumi

    Completely adorable! I would love to get this as a Valentine's Day gift. But if I may make a suggestion, perhaps people looking to make this in real life should use marzipan or modeling chocolate, as many people don't find storebought fondant very tasty in large chunks. Just my two cents!