Valentine Hearts Paper Mobile Craft Project

Introduction: Valentine Hearts Paper Mobile Craft Project

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Fun Winter Craft Projects for Kids
How to Make a Valentine Hearts Paper Mobile Craft Project
You will Need:
paper plate
red and pink construction paper
pipe cleaner
red paint
basic arts and crafts supplies
This simple craft makes a beautiful Valentine's day decoration that kids will have fun making.

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Step 1:

Here are the supplies you will need to make the polar bear craft project.

Step 2:

Cut the paper plate into a spiral.

Step 3:

Here is what it will look like once cut.

Step 4:

Paint the top of the plate red. Let dry.

Step 5:

While the paint is drying, cut out heart shapes from the red and pink construction paper. You can draw or stencil them on how you like, then cut them out.

Cut thread into different, one piece for each paper heart. Tape the stings to the hearts.

Step 6:

Wrap one end of the paper plate spiral with a pipe cleaner, leaving enough pipe cleaner to use to hang your mobile.

To finish, tape the hearts hanging at different lengths to the bottom of the plate spiral.

Now your beautiful Valentine paper plate mobile is ready to hang up!

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    I still remember the paper mobile I had as a very small child - circus themed. Funny how little things like this can stay with us our whole life.