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Introduction: Valentine Heart and Hug Waterproof Mittens

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On the n-th day of school, my daughter lost her best mittens-favorite color, waterproof, and fit well. Since then, she has been stuck with her only mittens and never lost them again. They were made of one layer fleece. She went downhill skiing, country skiing, and school outside recess with them. They were wet and cold inside, there were ice blocks outside, because she plays snow angels, makes snow pancakes in her hands, and eats snow from her hands all the time. Still she didn’t complain a single word of her hands being cold all those times. Still she writes “I LOVE MOM” everywhere and every day. I was so moved and inspired by my daughter. I decided to stop being a “stepmother” (no offense to real life stepmothers please!), to show my love for her love to me. She is mine and I'm her Valentine. So I made waterproof mittens with her favorite color (pink) and my favorite color (gray), with heart on the back and “XO” on the front.

PUL fabric has long been used in shoes and sports clothes for waterproofing and wind-blocking. It’s what I used in this project. “X” and “O’ patches used on the front of the mittens are soft thin leather scrap. So to make this project you’ll need:

Paper, computer and printer to print the pattern pieces
Fleece fabric scraps in two colors
Waterproof PUL fabric scrap
Soft suede leather
Leather sewing needle
Embroidery floss
Universal sewing or quilting tools

Follow along the subsequent step by step Instructables. Have fun!

Step 1: Cut Fabric

To speed up, cut once on two layers of fabric with right side together, for pattern pieces calling for cut 2. Always separate top cut to “LEFT” group and bottom cut to “RIGHT” group, so you don’t end up with two left mittens with no right mitten, two right mittens with no left mitten, or worse. Mark construction symbols on wrong side of fabric.

Step 2: Attach Hearts

Place heart on the right side of the mitten back at a position that pleases you, use cross stitch to make the eyes and back stitch to make the smile for the heart in contrast embroidery floss, use bar stitch to tack around the edge of the heart in matching sewing thread. Remember to return the piece from “LEFT” group to “LEFT” and the piece from “RIGHT” group to “RIGHT” when done.

Step 3: Construct Mitten Front

With right sides together, pin mitten upper front and lower front together, matching symbols. Stitch between large circle and square, pivoting at small circle. Slash to small circle.

Step 4: Attach “X” and “O”

On the right side of mitten front, place “X” and “O” at positions for added friction when grabbing, change needle to leather sewing needle, stitch around the edges of letter “X” and “O”

Step 5: Stitch Mitten Back and Front

Pin mitten back to mitten front, matching symbols. Stitch, breaking stitching at large circle and leaving lower edge open.

Step 6: Trim Seam Allowances

Step 7: Turn Mittens Right Side Out

Step 8: Repeat Step 3, 5 and 6 for Waterproof Mitten Lining

Step 9: Stuff Waterproof Mitten Lining Into Mitten With Wrong Sides Together

Step 10: Stitch Mitten Lining and Mitten Together at Thumb Tip and Fingers Tip

Make sure needle catch the lining. This is to prevent lining mitten from following your child’s hand out of the “house” when your child takes off her mittens.

Step 11: Construct Mitten Cuff

Stitch short end of cuff together. With wrong sides together, fold cuff along fold line. Pin cuff to wrong side of mitten, matching seams at thumb and back seam. Stitch in a ½” seam. Trim seam allowance. Turn cuff to outside.

Step 12: There! Done.

Keep those little hands toasty warm in cold winter!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I'm glad you like them. The attached pattern pieces should be perfect for a six year old.

    I love these gloves! My six year old always comes home with wet, cold hands from gloves that are pretty like this. So I am going to make a pair like yours and perhaps put some flower petals or happy faces for design. My daughter will love them. Thank you.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Such a good idea :D

    I've always wanted waterproof ones. I always hated having blue hands when I came back inside on a snow day, haha