Two Valentine Ideas for Under $20 Dollars

Introduction: Two Valentine Ideas for Under $20 Dollars

This is a cute way to spoil your significant other for 14 days leading up to Valentine's Day! I bought 15 items from the dollar store and a card for under $20 dollars. Each day starting February 1st I will give my Valentine a treat. (second picture)

Another idea is to use the candy as a candy bouquet using a vase and wooden sticks from the craft store. (first picture)

Step 1: Making Labels

14 treats

1. I used Microsoft Office to create 14 labels, one for each day. I made up a few cute sayings using pintrest for ideas.

2. I added pictures and changed the font to match my style then printed the labels.

3. I cut and taped my labels to my treats.

4. Starting February 1st, I will leave one of these "love treats" on his dresser before I go to work ;)

Step 2: Treats & Sayings

Day one:
Skittles- You're my pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow.

Day two:
Babe Ruth- Thanks for going to bat for me.

Day three:
Reese Pieces- You stole a piece of my heart.

Day four:
Sweetart- You are my sweetie.

Day five:
Starburts- You are a Star in my eyes.

Day six:
Milky way- you are out of this world!

Dsy seven:
Rolo- I like the way you roll

Day eight:
Gum- I'm stuck on you!

Day nine:
Pop rocks- you rock my world!

Day ten:
Peanuts- I'm nuts about you!

Day eleven:
M&M pretzels- I'm in knots without you!

Day twelve:
Snack Pack- you're my snack pack baby!

Day thirteen:
Hot Tamales- you're my hot tamale!!

Day fourteen:
(On day 14 I have two items I will be giving my Valentine)

Snapple - You are the "snapple" of my eye AND Hot Buffalo pretzels- is it hot in here or is it just you?

Step 3: Candy Bouquet

materials: vase, wooden sticks from craft store, packaging tape, candy, styrofoam piece to fit in vase and tissue paper.

1. I used packaging tape to hold the candy on to the wooden stick.
2. I arranged the candy into the vase by pushing the sticks into the styrofoam bass.

This project took about 15 minutes

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