Valentines Cupcakes




Hello everybody and welcome to my Valentines Cupcakes Instructable.

If you have no idea what to give your love for Valentines Day or just simply want to surprise him/her with something delicious follow this tutorial. I have read through many recipes and combined the best parts into this recipe. I personally love the taste of chocolate and would marry anybody who would bake these cupcakes for me. Enjoy the tutorial and have fun baking!!

Step 1: Materials and Ingredients

For 10 cupcakes


2 large Bowls

1 small, heat-resistant bowl

1 Mixer

1 Spoon

1 Heart-shaped Cupcake form (round ones are fine)

1 Piping bag

1 sieve

1 chopstick



110g Flower

1 teaspoon Baking Powder

2 Eggs

110g Sugar

110g Butter

120g Dark Chocolate/ Milk chocolate

30g Cocoa Powder


120g Butter

220g Powder-sugar

Red/ Pink food coloring

Step 2: Making the Dough

  • Preheat the oven to 160° convection
  • Place the butter and the chocolate in the heat-proof bowl and put it in the warm oven (heating the chocolate together with the butter will prevent the burning of the chocolate)
  • whilst butter and chocolate is melting, place the sugar, flower, baking powder and cocoa powder in a large bowl (Picture 1)
  • add the eggs to the sugar-mix (Picture 2)
  • use the mixer to stir the eggs into the mixture (Picture 3)
  • Add the molten butter and chocolate to the mixture and stir until a smooth texture is achieved (Picture 4)

Step 3: Baking the Cupcakes

Use a spoon to equally distribute the dough in each form. As the cupcakes
will still grow when baked the form should only be filled half-way. Now place the cupcakes in the oven, where they can bake for 20 minutes.

Check whether the cupcakes are thoroughly baked by sticking a chopstick in the cupcake. When pulling out the chopstick and no dough sticks to it, the cupcakes are done.

Step 4: Making the Topping

Whilst the cupcakes are baking in the oven you can make the topping for

place the butter in the heatproof bowl and put it in the oven with the cupcakes prepare the correct amount of powder sugar in a bowl pour the molten butter in the second large bowl sieve the powder sugar into the butter whilst mixing !!! Mix whilst you are pouring the powder in the butter to get a smooth texture!!!

Now divide the topping in two equal halves use a chopstick and stick it into the food color then stir the stick with the color on it in one of the toppings mix until the topping has an even coloring

once the topping is done you can either use two piping bags for each color or use one (use for the white topping first and then the pink)

Step 5: Decorating the Cupcakes

Once the cupcakes have cooled you can now start to decorate them.

You can decorate the cupcakes however you would like, but I personally prefer these two styles.

Decoration 1:

For this style you start by piping with one color. Press the piping bag and simultaneously with letting loose you pull up your hand. Now outline the cupcake with one line of those dots. Next you fill in the inside of the cupcake with different colored dots.

Decoration 2:

This decoration is made up of the same dots but leaves the middle of the cupcake without topping (if you don't like it too sweet). Switching in color, place one dot after another on the outer edge of the cupcake.

To finish off I put a little edible glitter on top of the cupcakes, but these are just ideas for the decoration so let your own creativity develop new designs.

Step 6: Thanks!

Thank you for choosing this Instructable and I hope it
helped you create delicious Valentines-Cupcakes for someone special.



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