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Introduction: Valentine's Custom Wine Label

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In this instructable I just want to show you a simple idea to wonder your partner for Valentine's day.

As I'm from Terni (Italy), where San Valentine's born, I must not twiddle my thumbs, so I thought something original for my girlfriend.

I thought at something which has to be renewed year after year, something of impact and nice, so I thought at a wine label..

It is very easy to design it, and it's a nice thing that you can keep for years, and you can show a story, or a fact, or a thought, like a picture, you can always watch at your story, year after year, like a portrait book.

Maybe I'm not the first one that thought to a wine label, but I'm pretty sure that you will wonder your partner for sure.

Each year I draw a new label, based of an important fact happened in that year, as example for the university graduation of my girlfriend. This past year we adopted a cat, and we gave him the name "Spritz", so I drawed a label representing our cat.

and what about next 2016 S.Valentine's day?

I've had an idea!!!

Step 1: 2012-2013

Two jokin labels.

In the first one i deleted with a cross the word Valentine, and changed with the word Wine.. (kind of words swapping joke in Italy)

The second one is a funny label representing S.Valentino that tried to steal the wine..

(Sometimes I also changed the labels on the back. In this case, for the first bottle I keeped the original back label which is from my favourite wine cellar in my Town).

Step 2: The Graduation at University

Step 3: Our Cat "Spritz"

Step 4: Guess?

Yes, we're buying a new HOME.. And this is the new wine label of this 2016.

Maybe I can do better, but I just printed it and it seems nice to me!

So if you liked my idea, please, vote for me at Valentine's day contest!

Thank you!!!



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