Valentine's Day Accessories

Introduction: Valentine's Day Accessories

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Grab the kids and make some fun accessories (and gifts) for Valentine's Day! Make shoe clips with basic clip on earrings!

Step 1: Watch the Short Video Tutorial Here!

Step 2:

Perler beads in rainbow colors and all different pinks

Perler bead peg board

Parchment paper


E-6000 Glue

Chain and jump rings

Lobster claws

Clip on earring bases

Key rings

Wire cutters and pliers

Step 3: Make the Keychain

Place your perler beads on the pegboard

*For the key chain you want to leave out one bead so you can add the key chain

Place the parchment paper on top of your pattern Iron on low heat until the beads have melted together

Add the key chain

Step 4: Now the Charm Bracelet

Make smaller hearts in all different colors of pink and red

Add jump rings on the edge of each heart

Attach to a chain bracelet

Step 5: Finally the Shoe and Hair Clips!

Connect three large hearts side by side

Add chain and a closure to create the necklace

With E-6000, glue bobby pins to the back of smaller hearts

When dry, pin in your hair

Glue small bows and clip on earring backs to small heart to create shoe clips

*Glue the clip back to the heart so the flat side will sit flat against the foot

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