Valentines Day Envelope



Introduction: Valentines Day Envelope

Handcrafted Gift Envelope for Valentines Day

Step 1: Material

For this project all you will need is a rectangular sheet of paper and an origami heart is optional. For instructions to the origami heart check out my other instructable

Step 2: Step ONE

After folding the paper in half, take two opposite corners and fold them down to the middle line. They should pass each other NOT meet. Next take the remaining corners and fold them down as well. They should meet the edge of the other corners. Then fold up where the two corners meet. Do that on both sides, and dont worry if they overlap they are supposed to

Step 3: Step TWO

With out creasing the other side, fold the top of your two flaps down. Stop when you reach the bottom edge on either side. Try to get the two sides to look exactly the same

Step 4: Finish

Finally, take the free corners and fold them into the little pockets you have created. The result should be a rectangular shape with a big pocket down the middle. Thanks for reading if you have any questions just let me know in the comments

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