Lace Heart Crepes and Choclate Crepes(pan Cake) :



-Every one are in a very anxious mood to make something special for your love. Here comes a very quick and easy made pancake with very less ingredients.

-you dont need to be a culinary artist to prepare this yourself,you just need a squeeze bottle or a syringe to squeeze.

-This can be prepared under just 20 minutes.

Ingredients required:

-half a cup of all purpose flour

-1 egg

-1 cup of milk

-1 tbsp sugar

-cacoa powder

-butter or oil for greasing the pan

-plastic squeeze bottle (ketchup bottle)or a syringe

-icing sugar or powdered sugar

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Step 1: Preparing Batter:

-crepe batter will be more fluid like for its easy flow from the small tip squeeze bottle.

-Take all purpose flour, Egg ,milk ,sugar in a bowl

-whisk or blend all wet and dry ingredients so that no lumps are seen.

This is the basic batter what we require. To this batter we can add cacoa or any food colors to form choclate batter or color batter to form patterns.

Step 2: Creating Lace Pattern:

-Lightly grease non stick pan with oil or butter and preheat it.

-Take the batter in syringe or a squeeze bottle. I was not having squeeze bottle so i used syringe.

-I showed in my images how i created free hand lace pattern using syringe.

Step 3: Created Patterns:

-once pattern is created cook for few minutes until you see light golden brown color,then turn and cook on other side.

-Finally you can add powderd sugar on top of it and enjoy.

Step 4: Choclate Crepes:

-Procedure is again similar for choclate crepes.

-I just added cacoa to basic batter and i need a pink batter for flowers so i added food color to basic batter.

-You can see in images how i created the pattern.

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