Valentine's Day "My Loves" Decor

Introduction: Valentine's Day "My Loves" Decor

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We received a Valentine's Day DIY Project Kit of Testors products today and couldn't wait to get started! Since I'm (Vicki) the crafter of the team, I shared a few ideas with Steph, and we agreed on a decor piece.

We were tasked with using a selection of the products in the box to decorate the included wood hearts. Along with the wood hearts, we used parts from an old trophy as the base of the project.

We decided to make a decor piece that could be used as a special addition to a Valentine's Day breakfast for a mom or grandma. In our piece, "My Loves" refers to my three grandchildren which are represented by the three hearts below the larger heart.

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Step 1: Gather Supplies

Use what you have. We used the products shown here + DAP RapidFuse glue

Step 2: Gather Materials

We used an old trophy and some wooden hearts to make this.

Step 3: Prime and Paint

  • The hearts and metal parts were primed with Rust-Oleum 2X white primer
  • All the hearts were painted with Testors One Coat Lacquer in Electric Pink
  • The metal parts were painted with the white enamel. The marble base was edged with the Testors Enamel Paint Marker in black

Step 4: Assemble

  • Once dry, the hearts were decorated with Testors Craft Metallic Gold, the white enamel, and edged with the Testors Enamel Paint Marker in black (to give the piece a kind of comic look). The tiny blue brushes were used to help with the lettering and decorations
  • The metal parts were assembled, the hearts were glued into place and then glued onto the metal stem with RapidFuse glue
  • Once everything was dry, it was sprayed with a very light coat of Testors CreateFX in silver glitter

Step 5: Done!

This would be a great addition to a breakfast in bed for a mom or grandma.

Get the kids involved in this fun V-day gift!

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