Valentine's Day Pom-Pom Wreath




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Intro: Valentine's Day Pom-Pom Wreath

Valentine's day Wreath made from yarn Pom-Poms. I have also added the easiest way to make a bunch of Pom-poms.

Step 1: Making the Pom-Poms

  1. First start wrapping the yarn around 2 chair or table legs. This can be as far apart or close together as you want, I used 2 chairs side by side to give me more poms at a time.
  2. When you have a about a thick handful start to tie it off in sections, about 3 inch sections. Do this all the way around.
  3. Then cut down the middle of each one.
  4. Ta-Da! You have pom-poms. Lots and lots of pom-poms.

Step 2: Making Your Wreath Frame

If you choose to buy a heart shaped wreath then you can skip this part but if you are feeling frugal the continue to make the wreath base.

Take a wire hanger and straighten it out then take the end pieces and hook them together and bend it to form a heart shape.

Use foam pipe covers to cover the hanger.

Use 2 pieces of foam, start at the top and go around. When you put them on cut the top and bottom at a diagonal so they make a point and fit together. Tape where you need it to ensure it will hold up well.

Step 3: Putting It All Together

Now start to hot glue the poms on. I made 3 rows to make it full and to cover up the foam.

Trim the poms down where you meed to and you are done.



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