Valentine's Day Table Decoration



Introduction: Valentine's Day Table Decoration

So today we are going to decorate a table for a romantic Valentine's Day dinner.
You will need:
* Toilet Paper Roll
* Some Little Decorative Flowers
* Fabric ( I had a cute little bag of fabric squares but you can just cut yours)
* Tea Candle
* Tablecloth (optional)
*Glue Gun or Double Sided Tape

Step 1: Prep :)

Clean up ;) You will want to vacuum, sweep wipe down and clear the area where you will be having dinner. Lay down the tablecloth. Also set the table knives forks spoons and plates. I'm going to do some thing special with the napkins.

Step 2: Fancy Napkins :)

This is super easy and rewarding due to the amazing outcome :)
First take a square napkin in a color of your choice :)
Then fold in half
Then fold up again but not all the way
Fold one side up
Then the other
Flip over
( just look at the pics it's hard the explain the rest these 2 steps)
Then flip it over and voila !
Note : Putting a ring in the napkin would probably be the cutest way to propose

Step 3: The Lighting

Heat up your glue gun. Glue the fabric squares around the toilet paper tube. Is e tooth pick to hold the squares on there while the glue dries :). Now cover it!

Please don't burn yourself because nothing says romantic like a trip to the ER .

Now insert the tea candle from the bottom and that is done!

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Add a vase with flowers on top of your tea candle.Now add your decorative flowers and your done!

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