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Introduction: Valentine's Day Twizzler Flowers

I know flowers and chocolates are the norm for Valentine's day, but I like to do things just a bit differently.   The last two years I've made an editable fruit flower bouquet.  This year I wanted to try something new.  So when my wife mentioned her favorite candy is Twizzlers, I knew what had to be done. 

Step 1: How to Make It

If you would like to make something just a bit more memorable than roses you will need:
  • 1 bag strawberry Twizzlers
  • 1 bag multi colored Twizzlers
  • Hand full of skewer sticks
  • Spool of red thread
  • Vase with hard foam insert

First things first: let's try not to eat too much of our materials before we get done.  

We will begin with the easy heart shapes.  

Pull off two pieces of about 6-8 inches of the red thread.  

Take two Twizzlers and put them together about an inch over the top end of a skewer.  

Wrap the thread around the candy and pull the thread tight enough to just barely cut into the Twizzler and hold the thread in place.

Now loop each side down and around to create the heart shape.  Secure the bottom just like the top.

Congratulations. You're done.

Make a few of those and then start to get creative.  I couldn't come up with a rose shape, but I was happy with my "tulip" design.  I also made some 3D circles with different colored Twizzlers.  Not pictured, but inside the giant card is a smaller  I (heart) U design  with the skewer going through sideways to hold the letters in place.  

Once you have enough designs to fill your vase.  Figure out your arrangement and push them down far enough in the hard foam to hold the skewers in place.

Optionally, you could fill the top with other candies or some greenery.  I was going to use M&M's or lettuce but ran out of time.

I hope you liked my editable floral arrangement.  My wife sure did, it's already gone!

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