Neon Toys. Valentine's Enamored Heart

This is fantastic Valentine's Enamored Heart made from EL-wire, copper wire and heat-shrinking tube.

This heart was inspired by new material: cold neon wire with shape memory effect.

Today in this instruction I will show how to make an Enamored Heart for your Valentine.

If you have never made any wire art before, this could be your first project.

It is easy and with few tries a perfect one can be made.

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Step 1: Step 1: Three Main Parts for All

You should take three main parts:

  1. Copper wire - 3 meters
  2. Cold neon wire (EL-wire) - 3 meters
  3. Heat-shrinking tube - 3 meters

Step 2: Step 2: Make One Wire and Use Hot Gun

On this step you should make one wire from three parts and apply hot gun for hot-shrinking tube. It takes about an hour. When your wire be ready you will be able to create any wire craft. Now we create a heart.

Step 3: Wire, Wire and Wire

Now you should wire a heart. Here is nothing to add. You should estimate size of heart and wire it. Every heart will be unique. After wire competance you should solder power connector and add 2-AA batteries to power supply.

Now turn it on.

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    3 years ago

    Very cool effect! And pretty simple too. Nicely done :)