Valentines Fiber Optic LED Rose Project



6 Using a few LEDs and fiber optics, I made this dead sexy, illuminated fiber optic rose. A downright awesome Valentines Day present. She'll love it!

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     nice, but just for safety sake, also give a diamond ring, real chocolate and/ or flowers.  Mods are fun, traditional gifts are a tradition because they... are so well received.  Just in case... you know... just in case....


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Joe!! good work there my man but do u know what a yellow light means "slow down" A little bit slower on the dialog for us older chaps would be an added + to ur work


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Hey, I think I saw this on Gizmodo as "The Worst Valentine's Present Ever." Well, even if the whole world thinks it's stupid, I think it's pretty all right. Strong Work Joe.

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