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Introduction: Valentine's Gift Box

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Valentine's Day is right around the corner! So here's a pretty box to pack, with all sorts of nice goodies. Like homemade cookies, candies, and handmade gifts. The box can be made for other things, you can make it with our with out bow, I have a few I keep my craft supplies organized in.

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Step 1: Supplies



1 12x12 sheet double weighted card stock
1 6x6 inch square of coordinating card stock
scissors or paper cutter
bonefolder or old giftcard
*stickers, rhinestones, stamps [optional these are for decorating your box]

4 strips 12x1 card stock
4 strips 11x1 card stock
4 strips 10x1 card stock
1 five inch strip
2 buttons
alligator clip
1 ft thread or ribbon
hole punch

Step 2: Step 1 - the Box

Step 1 - The Box

Take the double weighted card stock and measure every four inches along the top, and mark it. You should have two marks. Then repeat until all sides of the paper marked and measured.  

Step 3: Step Two

Step Two

Now fold paper by matching the right side to the first mark you made on the left and then repeat with the left side. Use an old gift card or bonefolder to help get a flat crease. 

Then open the paper and rotate it and fold again, in the same method.  

Open up the paper again, you should have created a grid that's has 9 squares, each measuring 4x4.

Follow the photos below, for a clear diagram. 

Step 4: Step Three

Step Three

Now with your pencil mark every other line working out from the center. You should have four lines. Use the photos below for more information.

The center square is the base of the box.

Step 5: Step Four

Step Four

For every line you have drawn cut with scissors or paper cutter down exactly 4 inches. Repeat this until you cut along all four lines. 

**Do not cut the center square that's the base of of the box. 

You should now have 4 flaps.

Step 6: Step Five

Step Five

Now take one of the flaps and hold it up and bend at the fold . The flaps should fold in on each forming the box. Do this first so you know where each piece goes. 

Now lay it flat and turn the paper with design side up. Coat the corner flap with glue. you will glue each corner and  fold it in the same way you did when folded it together without the glue. As you glue you may want paper use a paper clip to secure the each side box while it dries or hold it in place a few minutes until it sets up.

Repeat all the way until all four corners are done. You now have a box.

For more information look at the follow the photos.

Step 7: Step Six - the Lid

Step Six - The Lid

Take the 6x6 square of card stock or cut a 6x6 square from 12x12 piece of cardstock.. Measure in every 7/8 of an a; inch all the way around.

Then connect all the marks together by using a ruler to draw lines.

Fold on each line, then cut only one  7/8 inch line on each corner   like you did with base of the box. 
 Leaving you with tiny flap on each corner then glue each one to next piece. You can palce a paper clip on each corner here as well so the glue can set up and then you have a lid. 

Follow the photos below.

Step 8: Step Seven - the Bow

Step Seven - The Bow

4 strips 12x1 cardstock
4 strips 11x1 cardstock
4 strips 10x1 cardstock
1 five inch strip
2 buttons
Alligator clip
1 ft thread or ribbon
hole punch

Lay out all your supplies and in order by size.

Thread your button.

Step 9: Step Eight

Step Eight

Take the 5 inch strip of card stock and and curl it where the ends meet each other and over lap by about an inch. Then using hole punch, punch two holes in the card stock whee the card stock overlaps. Grab your threaded button and run the thread through the holes as shown in the pictures.then use an alligator clip to hold the thread taunt.

Step 10: Step Nine

Step Nine

Take a strip of 10 inch paper curl half it over to the middle making and loop and repeat with the other side of the paper. The ends of the paper should overlap by at least an inch. Take a second piece of paper and repeat forming a cross shape. Using the holes put two in the center of the cross. Then thread and push up to the alligator clip. Remove the clip,and place it behind your added strips of paper.

Now repeat this process until, working  with10 inch strips all the way to the 12 inch strips, Once all strips have been used add the second button to the bottom. Pull the thread tight so the buttons meet up and Knot it.

After that snip off the excess thead and glue to the lid.

Now if you feel up to add stickers, stamp it , and add rhinestones! Its your box have fun!
Tada you have a Great gift box to put many lovely gifts inside of.

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