Valentine's Lollipop Bouquet


Introduction: Valentine's Lollipop Bouquet

Lollipop Bouquet

Lollipops:  I used the jolly rancher, sweet tarts and tootise roll valentine lollipops.  You will need 2 bags of each to give it that full look.
Contanier: You can use anything.   I got one from the dollar store.
Tissue Paper:  4 sheets
Floral Foam
Valentine Balloon

First take newspaper and stuff the bottom of the contanier.  It helps to raise up floral foam.  Depending on the size of your contanier, add the floral foam on top of the newspaper.  You will want to have a piece higher in the back to give some height and a piece lower in the front.  Next take the tissue paper fold it and tuck it around the floral foam. Next add the Valentine balloon to the center.   Then start putting the lollipops in the floral foam.  Not all the lollipops have to go in the foam.  As you add the lollipops, you can just tuck some in.  Once you finish adding the lollipops, tie a ribbon around the contanier.    A easy valentine gift for anyone.



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