Valentine's Day Special- Modeling Your Lover's Figure

Introduction: Valentine's Day Special- Modeling Your Lover's Figure

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Do you think you know your lover very well? Try to figure it out!

Step 1: Use Super Sculpey!

Using super sculpey as the material is even easier then paper clay.
Simply draw your lover's face shape so you can get the idea what is the essence of it.

Step 2: Shape It!

To make it more steady insert a toothpick into the neck for connecting to the body .
You can also use aluminium foil inside to save the use of super sculpey.
(As you have to put it into the oven, it is better to use aluminium foil then others)

Step 3: Get Ready for Firing!

Step 4: Bake It!

Use the home oven(even very small one is still okay)
Fire it in about 150 degree temperature.
Depend your figure's volume, bake it for 15 mins see whether it have became hard or not. 
Bake it till it is hard enough!

Step 5: Color It!

Better use putty (spray one) before coloring.

Step 6: Your Lover Is in Your Hand Now~!

Also remember to sign your name on it before baking!!!!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    OMG I LOVE the strategically placed fish! nice work!