Valentines Origami Heart/photo Holder

This is the hand made Valentines origami card/Photo holder I made for my girlfriend. I placed laminated photos of all her six beloved dogs and of myself with a note in back of each with their name and a personal characteristic about them.  I also wrote a Valentines message from me on the back and hung it where she can see it everyday.  My girlfriend had six dogs at one point, but has lost 4, the most recent this past week (a few days before Valentines). She loves that she can see her dogs pictures all together and rearange them if she feels inclined. Thanks goes goes out to emilyvanleemput for her instructable on how to make this Vaelentines heart. I just added the bigger size and photos.

Step 1: Make the Valentines Card

Basically, follow the steps provided by emilyvanleemput to create your own Valentines heart. I added size by going with 4"X4" sized paper (cut on cutting board). Sorry for not providing my own pics, did this build in a hurry and in secret to keep it a surprize.

Step 2: Adding Pics

I next used images of my girlfriend's dogs and resized them to @3"x3". I printed the images, wrote their names and something unique about each on the back and then laminated them (I added one of me for good measure).



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