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my girlfriend wanted some new panties for Valentines so I thought "why not give her new panties and a dozen flowers all in one!" So, I figureds out how to roll each pantie into a rose and placed on metal sticks wrapped in the green sticky tape sold to make fake flowers (Michael's Art and crafts store).

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Step 1: Rolling Panty Roses

Sorry I don't have process pics. but you basically fold the panty in half, and again lengthwise until you have a long rectangular shape. Begin rolling with a metal stick previously wrapped in the green sticky tape made to make fake flowers (Michaels). Once rolled to end add green wrapping to middle of roll, wrapping tightly (careful not to break tape) until you reach metal stem. This may take a couple of tries before you get the hang of it, but stick with it.

Step 2: Adding Base

for the base I used a can I had laying around and filled with small rocks (wash the rocks first).  These held the stems in place. I wrapped all this in pink paper and I had my bouquet finished.

Step 3:

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