Valentines Scrapbook in a Jar.

Introduction: Valentines Scrapbook in a Jar.

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So, You waited around last minute to find a gift for your love for V-day eh? A scrapbook you say!? I don't have time to make one of those!
Yes, yes you do. All it takes is a photo, some cutesy things, maybe a few feathers, a jar, and about 30 minutes. Tell me you at least aren't THAT last minute.

This is a cute little thing you can put together fairly quickly, and can find most of the supplies needed around the house (Although, I live in TN, so we have an abundance of mason jars sitting around for canning things from the garden.)

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Step 1: What You Need

There are a few key items you will need, the rest is up to you.
Mainly, you need a Jar, or other clear container, and some feathers. Oh yeah, and a cute photo of the two of you. I used a photo of my grandparents, since I am making it for them.

Other things that would be cool to have are some favorite song lyrics (Perhaps what ya'll call "Our song")
Favorite quotes and/or lovey dovey quotes.
Any other mystical magical things you can think of to put in there. Use your imagination!

Step 2: Start With the Lid.

Though I suppose you could do this in whatever order you want, but, I am starting with the lid.

Step 3: Decorating the Outside of the Jar.

Yep, pretty self explanatory. Add whatever you like to the outside, in my case, I used random scrapbooking stickers that say things like "Love" and "Faith" and "Hope".

Step 4: Picture Time!

and anything else you would enjoy gluing on the inside of the jar.

Step 5: Add Feathers!

Any color you want. Why feathers? Well, they are soft, and wispy, and pretty to look at when shoved into a jar of love.

Step 6: Place Lid Back On.

Tie a pretty ribbon on it, Give to your love on V-day, receive hugs and kisses.
Happy Valentine's everyone!

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    2 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is the most perfect gift ever. Do you think a guy would like it? It's very creative. Yay! By the way- your funny :3 Thanks! I'm voting for you!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Depends on the guy, If he's a more romantic type (I.E surprises you with flowers, etc) then yes most likely, If it's a less romantci type and more of a manly man, you could always "man" it up a bit, paint around the lid instead of lace, Add some funny quotes or jokes into it, etc.

    Also, It would look really cool to add in some red feathers too! I would have in mine but I had none. :0(

    And thank you so much for your vote! :0D