Vallo Light "Vallojari", Ikea Watering Can Vallo

Introduction: Vallo Light "Vallojari", Ikea Watering Can Vallo

"Vallo" is the watering can of Ikea that makes a lot different. It is not green, it does not hide the water, it doesn't need very much transport space. And: It is nice. For me, the design was so interesting, that I wanted to make more with the watering can than watering flowers.

What can be done with a nicely formed body? One brings it to shine and shows a shining sign of good product design.  The suitable ingredients are from the Swedish furniture house: Vallo - the watering can lampshade and Januari - the light foot and an energy savings lamp.

Step 1: Hole in the Bottom

First of all, a "knothole drill" is needed. With it a hole is made in the bottom of the Vallo.

Step 2: Fixing the Lampshade

The version of the lamp foot is put by the hole and is screwed.

Step 3: Lamp

The last step is the lamp: Only use an energy savings lamp or a LED light (light bulbs are producing too much heat) - "Vallojari", the luminous watering can is ready.

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