Value Hot Chocolate

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I've always found the value brand hot chocolate to be a bit watery, so I found a way to make the cheap stuff taste better.

Value or cheap hot choclate mix (could also use coco powder and sugar)
any dairy like creamer (non dairy powdered is not a good sub)
about half a table spoon of sugar
hot water
Mug (duh)

Optional: whipped cream or whipped topping

to get started my value brand says 3 table spoons of mix. I add that and some sugar to the .
then I add some (not sure how much I don't bother to measure) dairy like creamer.
I tend to pre-stir everything to get clumps out.
then add hot water enough to fill the cup. my travel mug is about a 16 ounces and I just fill it. 
Optional a spoon full of whipped topping or some whipped cream.

There is it better tasting cheap hot chocolate.

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