Valveless Pulsejet Engine(modified)





Introduction: Valveless Pulsejet Engine(modified)

About: hello everyone iam steam turbine design engineer. My hobbies are making pulsejet engines,stirling engines,animations.
Hello everyone this is the modification of my previous engine in order to increase the pressure(make output powerful). The testing is done at low throttle and screams like a monster. Still more work to be done i.e going to add an thrust augmenter to increase the thrust as well as decrease fuel consumption. 



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    That wonderful but for the love of god MOVE your fuel can ......away from the rocket if it burps are that line blows ....please.... Wonderful build and will follow MOVE FUEL !

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    Thank you. Ya sure i will do it in my next test.

    Looks great! Once you get it perfected, you'll have to post some drawings/instructions!

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