Vampire Bite Necklace




Introduction: Vampire Bite Necklace

Thanks to PixyMcCrafty's instructable on how to make a Creepy Formerly Decapitated Necklace, I went out and made my own!

And while I was being crafty I decided to try and make a Vampire Bite Necklace, that would be simple and fun to wear this Halloween while at work or some other function that I wasn't allowed to fully dress up at.

Using the same black Oven Bake Clay I took some old beads I had to attach the 'bites' to and found some really cute red tear drop beads that looked like blood droplets.

Just make, bake and they're done!

Get creative out there! I love easy Halloween ideas!



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    im suprised by how realistic it looks. halloween costumes are always so expensive so thanks for the diy idea!

    Nice pieces - why not make the "bite" necklace your first image, to match the title?