Vampire Halloween Makeup


Introduction: Vampire Halloween Makeup

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This is such a great easy makeup look for any costume parties you need to go too!!!!

Step 1:

First you are going to need to apply your primer, foundation and highlight and contour your face if you normally do. Then with a beige colour you are going to want to create a transition colour on your crease.

Step 2:

Then with a black eye shadow you are going to want to apply this on your lid and then blend it out into the crease. Keep adding the colour and blending until your happy with the eye look.

Step 3:

Then with your eyeliner you are going to want to apply a winged look and take this into the waterline. I then applied some mascara.

Step 4:

Then you are going to want to create a dead look and make your eye look sunken in. I done this by applying purple and pinks into the bags of your eye and blend this out.

Step 5:

Then you are going to want to contour your face to help your face look sunken in. For this you are going to want to do this with a grey eye shadow. So apply this to your cheek bones and down to he chin, then take it into the temples jawline and down the nose.

Step 6:

Then apply a red lipstick.

Step 7:

Finally you are going to want to pretend your drunk some blood. You do this by applying some fake blood from your mouth as if its dripped out.



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