Vampire Killer Shirt





Introduction: Vampire Killer Shirt

This is a cheap but a good prop for a Vampire shirt.

Step 1:

all of the materials for this project is :

1. A calking gun $1.00 from the dollar store

2. One tube of painters caulk $2.00 from Lowes (DONT GET SILICONE CAULK IT WONT TAKE PAINT !!)

Step 2:

3.Get an old branch from out side make sure it is dry .

4, On one end of the branch hit it with a hammer to mushroom the end.

5. On the other end of the branch cut an angle

Step 3:

6. On a dress shirt put a sheet of paper under where you are going to caulk the stake to the shirt.

7. On the shirt ($2.00 at the goodwill ) caulk the stake where your heart would be, make sure it's on the shirt button line this helps hole the stake up.

8. When you caulk the stake use a lot of caulk and use a stick to help it stay in place as it drys.

9.Let it dry for 2 or 3 days before you paint.

Step 4:

10. Use acrylic craft paint ($1.00 at the craft store) to paint caulk on your shirt and don't forget the




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    Nice man I will try tht


    3 years ago

    Love when a pic accompanies an Instructable to show it in context.
    Great work.

    Clever costume! And nice i'ble :D. The first picture is priceless lol

    This is so awesome, makes me giggle just looking at it. Your face is what really sells it though.

    Wow! It's awesome! and funny... I need to make one of those... Thanks for sharing!