Vampire-Zombie Dual-Use Slayer-Hunter Shotgun


 To slay His Vampiric Majesty is to become a true Vampire Hunter-Slayer.
To slay a zombie is to become part of the last human survival group.

A Shotgun can be used for both of these tasks. In fact, a Shotgun can kill just about anything.
Well, except a Dragon, it would only make the dragon mad and more likely to kill you.

I made this shotgun to kill dragons, zombies and vampires.

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    3 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Ok now you're just trying too hard. Give the kid a break, he's having fun... no need to be a d-bag.

    dude, thats like 85% white duct-tape.... if you try to go LARPing with that, you're gonna get laughed at and kicked in the face. sorry to flame you so baddly, but you need some critisism. try some of the cardboard gun instructables if you want to make a better one.

    1 reply

    ONE. Thats not duct tape. TWO. I thought I deleted this a LONG time ago. THREE. I broke that shotgun in two when I got a better one. FOUR. If you want that shotgun, you will have to do some digging at the City of Phoenix Dump. FIVE. Dont try to get into the dump. SIX. Im gonna stop counting now, it's getting annoying. SEVEN. Thank You for the criticism!