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Introduction: Vampiric Cyberpunk Double Barrel Shotgun

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Ok, well, as many of you know, bumpus loves a shotgun, for a while he has been demanding encouraging me to build one.

Thanks to Kiteman for kindly point out many just a few mistakes in my write up.

Recently I came across the perfect tubes at work, hence, this project began - firstly, a little video.

The shotgun it self is a fairly normal shotgun, the shells are the special part, each shell is made up from three chambers or 'vials' Each shell contains three substances,

  • A liquid Silver Nitrate Composite
  • A white Metamorphic Acid Substrate
  • And a viscous C4 explosive gel

One shot from this baby, and even the most elder Vampire will fall

Now, on with the how to.

Step 1: The Barrel and Handle

Ok firstly, you have to make the base.

I held the two tubes together using some big pegs, I then ran PVA glue down the seem, once dry, this holds them together nicely - repeat for either side.

Using the template for the handle on my sniper, I modified it for a sawn off shotgun, I needed to make this one quite wide, so it had two layers of corrugated card, and two layers of dense gmjboard (thick velum mount board stuffs)

I then build up the top of the gun using more of the gmjboard.

Glue the layers together, let the whole lot dry.

Step 2: The Hinge.

I used a simple long bracket for the hinge, I laid out the pieces, and worked out where to drill the holes, I put it in my desk vice, and used a hand drill as it was only cardboard.

Using a couple of bolt fasteners I joined the two halves together.

At this point a bulked up the area around the hinge, to blend it in better, using a few more metal bits, and card cut to various shapes.

I ensured to add an extra lip of card where the underneath of the barrel meets the handle, this prevents the barrels swinging the wrong way.

You can use magnets to hold it closed, but i found that once the bolts were in place, i could tighten it enough that it could swing, but also held itself shut.

I also added a 'bridge' of card for the trigger guard.

Step 3: The Forestock.

Bumpus told me a needed a forestock, so I went about it,

Firstly i fixed a base in place onto the bottom of the barrel, I then took a HP ink cartridge and split both the sides off, these then fit over the base.

I then added a trigger inside the trigger guard. Using a few bits of card cut to shape.

Step 4: Foiled and Paint

I then went about covering the barrels with foil Duct Tape, the idea being to paint over the top, then reveal the shininess.

I applied the foil in sections, carefully applying and peeling back the backing. I didnt cover some of the sections where the hinge might rub the foil off.
I then added a couple of metal bracket pieces to the end of the barrel. Both these were bolted in place.

Next I painted it, a full black coat using Direct to Metal Spray Paint, many coats is the way to go, with a break of 30mins half way. Try not to soak the gun in paint, if the paint looks wet on the gun, you have probably sprayed too much, most the time, you can get away with sanding it off and respraying if needed.

Once it was dry i then dry brushed some silver paint all over. Once that was dry I then used some masking tape to stick onto the barrel and pull off to remove some of the paint allowing the foil tape to show through.

Step 5: Leather!

Firstly I neatly wrapped some leather around the normal handle, I basically stuck it down with PVA, and carefully followed the contours cutting out tabs to allow it to go around bends.
I used masking tape to hold this in place while the glue dried.

Next to work on the Forestock.
For this I decided to play with my new leather stamping set, first using a paper template I cut out a decent shape to fit over the stock.
I soaked the leather with water under a tap, then placed the various shaped tools onto the leather and gave them a quick tap with a hammer - if you don't have some stamping tools, then a large screw driver or other metal shape can be used.

Wait for the leather to dry, then glue it to the stock.

Step 6: Making Shells.

I decided the shells were going to be like liquid glass vials.

I have a great source of these due to my mums medication, firstly i needed to clean them out, using various tools I get the seals out the top, washed them, and left them to dry.

Next I made them into clusters of three, wire on one end to hold them together, and more foil tape on the other end. I filled one end with Epoxy Resin to create a seal.

I then got various bathroom products to full the vials with.
I chose,
  • Hair gel
  • Silver Paint
  • Hand soap mixed with a bit of water

Other ones to try would be water and tooth paste, or water and food dye.

Using a syringe I filled up the vials, I then placed the bungs back in place, using a paper clip to allow air out. Once done, I then covered the the two ends with a bit more epoxy to hold it in place.

A final layer of foil tape, and an accent of black using a sharpie finishes these off.

Step 7: Finished!

Thats it, load up your shells, and go take out some vampire, if you want you could alter the substances to make it into whatever you wish. Or you could just use normal Shells

Thanks for reading, and be sure to let me know what you think.

- gmjhowe

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    OMG ppl. u crack me up. He's just making it sound cool. It doesn't matter on the realism. No... silver doesn't kill vampires which aren't real in the first place. This is an amazing instructable. Thank you so much man. This officially inspired me. YOU ROCK.

    4 replies

    I thought you killed them by stabbing them with a peice of wood

    Nope, contrary to popular belief, staking vampires only paralyzes them. You gotta behead them, stuff the mouth with garlic, and burn the body. It works best if you use a silver dagger.

    Incidentally, silver being used on werewolves is another popular misconception. But that discussion is for another time and place...

    C-4 or Composition C-4 is a common variety of the plastic explosive family known as Composition C. The British version of the explosive is known as PE-4 (Plastic Explosive). C-4 is composed of explosives, plastic binder, plasticizer to make it malleable, and usually a marker or odorizing taggant chemical.

    C-4 has a texture similar to modeling clay and can be molded into any desired shape. C-4 is stable and an explosion can only be initiated by the combination of extreme heat and shock wave from a detonator. -Wikipedia

    I am curious to know where you get the gmj board

    This is legendary...

    Origin v2 then Winterstorm!
    I love Winterstorm....

    do you work with wood sometimes? i'm building a sawn-off double barrel hunting rifle, stock is already been built, barrels welded together, all i need is a hinge, could you help me out on this part?

    Came across this again recently, and your "shell" design is giving me some ideas...
    Though one question... the song in your video you say it's by Machinae Supremacy... but what is the song title?

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    Thanks for the track info!
    I have so many Projects In Progress (or PIPs as I call them)

    Hopefully will have finished my Star Wars prop (a prototype version of a lightsaber, in the style of steampunk.) finished before the 25th! There is a local celebration of the 35th anniversary of the first movie, that I want to show off the prop at..

    It originally was supposed to be done for May 4th (Int. Star Wars Day), but I goofed up on the month, I though it was next month!