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Introduction: Van Gogh Artworks

Hey Instructables,
 This is my first project on the site and i am participating for the design competition, so if you find my project nice, please do vote for me.

My hobby is to paint and make things, and i came across many of VAN GOGH paintings, which inspired me a lot, i also thank art attacks, anchor Neil Buchanan for his art ideas, because, i developed a lot of my skill, by watching his episodes.  In my project, i am gona paint a canvas of his portrait, (which  took me 1.5 days(for drying..) . a sculptic prop of a coffee spill and a miniature object made of clay, I have made 3 projects, and all of these are my contributions to the instructable website.

 On my first art (canvas), besides from painting, i have also added my own tips as well my own design structure.(e.g. turning a papyrus into a canvas cloth).  For the material, i used paper, and gave it a polish(later explained) to give it the appearance of an ancient canvas.
For any suggestions, please use the comment section, which is always welcome.

SO enjoy.

ANSWERS for the make to lear contest


 In this project, i have drawn a portrait on Van Gogh, the great artist. I really like his models, so as a contribution, i have made it on his name. I have also built a mini-bust, on a famous personality, patrick-stewart. The whole making time, was 8 hours, for the portrait and the bust.


I made this as a part of my school- art exhibition project. The idea of making it on a a4 and then turning it into a canvas, struck me by thought. For making the old canvas, i used coffee powder, and water, and just sprayed, it on the paper, which, within a matter of minutes, was turned into an old canvas sheet. For painting the portrait, i used standard, acrylic, colors, and a paint brush. I even got help, from my art tutor, who explained to me about the colors to use.


  I usually have a lot of time, after school, so, to counter all the boredom, and inexitement, i thought of making this. I made this at home, with the help of my art and office supplies. I used my study table, where i keep all of my art stuff. 


       I learned that, if you are willing to, put your heart into anything, u can get the best out of your talent and ideas, cuz, with hard work comes great achievement. Art, isn't all about just drawing what you see, but it is the way we perceive objects. AND, If wedo have the ideals to perceive objects, in art, we get the best out of our abilities. My advice, to all, those, who love art, but can't interpret, it without their hands, is that,.. Learning from our mistakes, becomes the true success,  and without learning to try, we achieve nothing. In my case, by drawing, i learned what my true styles are, and how i can improve my drawing skills.

 I hope you like it!!

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Step 1: Create an Ancient Portrait

hey, so my first project is on potrait works. I have tried to add pics on each and every detail, i hope u can follow my steps.


1) An a3/a4 paper. (for beginners i personally recommend a4)
2) Coffee powder ( to add in the effects)
3) Acrylic paint;; or if u have poster. u can change it into acrylic by adding on some white pvc glue(elmers) and mix it with water.

ADDITIONAL requirement: water, scissors, pencil, felt tip pen.

i will start with the steps on next page... pls continue reading

Step 2: Historify the Paper

 in this step, i will show u, how you can change your A4 paper, into a historic old canvas.

 Begin by mixing coffee, into cold water. stir it well so that u get the dark colour. Now taking the brush carefully dip it inside the coffee and start seeping over the paper. YOU can refer to the image for more details. Start taking the color lightly so that it is well blended throughout the paper.When complete, leave it out to dry so that u have a fairly old canvas.

Step 3: Draw the Portrait

Start drawing your custom portrait on the old canvas you made. Remember to do it really lightly, as you might want to erase it later on.

In my case i drew a picture of van gogh himself. I have not given much details into the drawing part, since, You may choose some other, different portrait.
When you have done sketching, erase all outer marks, lightly, so that u don't have difficult painting.

Step 4: Start With the Painting

In this step, u might want to bring in all your painting equipment, especially your brushes; small brushes do detail work.
As you all can see, i have used "color & co." brand, which does real good in acrylic.( It doesn't really matter, what company paint u use, though).
1.START with the face. In my case, the set didn't have peach, so it took a combination of "medium yellow", "brilliant red" and "white" to get the skinny look. Start lightly by filling up the entire face with the same texture, and afterwards, bring the effects.It also helps, if you can use a pencil, and outline the nose and other parts, after painting the face. Having just completed filling up the gaps and edges, i went in for, the hat, and did the detailing on the face later on.

2.The HAT: This is a point where you need to be very careful with shading. Start by filling the entire hat with a light brown color. Afterwards, darken the curves and edges with slightly darker texture, so that you can make out the shading.The place just above, the face( see from the pic) give it a dark outline, with a felt tip pen or a dark brown color pencil. Leave the inside, of the hat, a plain brown color. Just when u are done again outline your portrait with a pencil.

Step 5: The Beard and the Mustache

Before you start painting, sketch in the mustache and the beard with a light pencil, by marking out the place, where you want to be shaded with a darker color.
After you have done with the pencil work, take a combination of "medium black" and "sun yellow" and simmer it into the mustache, with  a lite pace. It could be better, here if you can use a flat brush, while painting the mustache (but you can take chances with pointed as well). When you have done filling the gaps and spaces, take the smallest tip brush (no 1) and make marks, along the mustache to get in the beardy hair look.

Repeat the same for the beard, keeping in mind about the shades.

    Sketch out the lips and ears for the portrait, using a pencil.( You can take help, from the net on drawing human ear, if you have any trouble). Take a mixture of deep pink( light red), along with white, for the lips and the ear and Finish it off, without much shade, or effects.

Next we go onto detailing.....

Step 6: Bring in the Details

Here we will look at modifying the texture on the face and the eyes. Taking a deep grey, start by seeping it over the eyes, just like how ladies give the mascara. Also don't, forget to outline the eyes, after finishing it. Give medium blue, to the cornea, of the inner eye, also, add some white spots, so as to bring in the gloss.

When done with the details, on the face, cover up the rest of the body ( the neck) with light peach and Don't forget to shade for the upper neck. You can look at the images for more details.

Repeat the same above process to fill up the rest of the body, including the lower half of the neck piece.

After having, done with the above, leave it to dry for an hour, for the acrylic to do it's work.

Step 7: Pencilling the Finished Portrait

After, drying process, add some extra textures, with a pencil (Trust me, it's really helpful). You can even fill up the blank white spaces, with it. Taking the felt tip pen again go through the mustache, and the hat, giving it more curves and effects.

Step 8: Frame It!!

If you prefer, hanging it on your wall, do it your way, but if you prefer rolling it up, you can try my method. 
Using the colored papers, cut them into thin strips, with a waggly side.( more explained on the pic). Cut more of the same pieces, until you have enough to border up your portrait. After you have made, the strips, it is the sticking process, lined up in front.
Using a glue, stick them up to place aligning with the paper.

There!, you have done it. Your portrait is finally complete, (and so is mine.)

Step 9: Building a Mini-bust ( See the Attached Pics)

Hey guys, So this is a second of the artworks. And this time, i going to make a mini- bust, it's really hard, cuz of the small size, but finally i found it really adorable. There isn't much to explain on this. You can see, "how to", from the image notes, i have added.

For this instructable, u will need:


1. Standard modelling clay (any type/colour)
2. TOOTHPICK (for joining the part)
3. a pencil
4. spray paint,laquer, enamel/acrylic

Start with the base. Try, to get it as, flattened and shaped as possible. Now using a toothpick, scratch, on the clay piece, where you want the neckpiece to go.
For the neck piece, take a cylindrical clay shape, and attach it onto the base., now press on to the sides and edges, to get it well fitted.
When you have done, with the base and neck, start by rolling an oval clay ball, so as to shape the face. When you are happy with the look, of it, again using a tooth pick scratch the base of the head and attach it to the mantle.
You know have a rolling ball for face, attached, to a neck and base. shape the ball, into more, humanly face. start, by hollowing the face, with two holes, for eyes and a blunt for the mouth. Use the butt of a pencil, and shapen the eyes and nose up.
Having done, with facial part, go for the ears, by make two really small semicircular, clays. Shapen the mouth and another details.
Now fill in the empty holes of the eye, with two small balls of clay.

Taking small, pieces of clay, round it up into small wires, and paste them on, to finish up the eyebrows.Repeat the same for the lips.
Now flatten all the clay wire, until you find them adjoined with the face. OK THAT'S IT.

There, you are done!!!

Step 10: Finally, Painting and Finishing

The paint process, IS quite easy, especially, if you are using laquer spray, or acrylic. I would suggest that, you can start by covering up, with a first coat of enamel, so as to strengthen it up.
So, now you have your very own bust as well, as an artistic portrait. I hope you really enjoyed making them.
Unfortunately, i couldn't get a shot of my painted bust, so sorry, for any disappointment. Also, i felt it better, to leave it unpainted.

 I am also adding a pic of my upcoming project, " the coffee prop". I guess, many have already shown projects on it, so i am not adding any details, along with this. I guess, i will post it as a April fools instruct able.

Thanks for watching, MORE VAN GOGH ARTWORKS, coming soon...


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