Vani Soda Melon




Introduction: Vani Soda Melon

Vani melon soda is a fusion dessert compromising ice cream,
fruit, fruit juice and soda.

The making is simple and very less time consuming yet the taste is mouth melting .

All you need is a piece of melon, a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a cup of soda.

Step 1: Preparations

Cut a small portion of melon into tiny pieces.
And make juice with the other portion of the fruit without adding sugar or water to retain its original flavor.

Step 2:

Put 4/5th of the tiny melon pieces in a glass container, in which you are intended to serve.

Step 3:

Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top the fruits

Step 4:

Pour the juice over the ice cream scoop and fruit mixture.

Step 5:

Now pour the soda into the container so that it create a fluff above the container, as shown in the pic

Step 6:

Now in order to garnish the dessert , cut the remaining 1/5th of the fruits further into small pieces and add on top of the fluff

Step 7:

If you want to further garnish it, just insert a triangle piece in one top of the container,just like a formality followed in all cases of melon receipes

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