How to Vanishing Water

Introduction: How to Vanishing Water

WARNING*** WATCH THE VANISHING WATER TRICK FIRST This video reveals how the vanishing water trick is works. It is not magic but chemistry.

Music: Kevin MacLeod



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    The video isn't working. I live in the U.S. if that helps. It isn't stating anything of that matter, just thought I'd tell you in case you decide to come back and check up on your instructables. Take care.

    thats aaawwwwwwweeeeeeeeessssssssooooooommmmmeeeeeeeeeee i did it with the stuff in the diapers it worked you know gelly bath its like that

    If only It could absorb fire... Where exactly do I find it in a nappy.

    sorry for the thread hi-jacking. this stuff is fun to play with, we put a liter of this stuff dry in a friends pool, as a joke, in was entertaining, big pool of clear goo. NOTE don't ever do that, we were in there for a week with a shop vac taking turns cleaning it out.

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    I'd still say it's worth it, especially if you do it while he/she's asleep.

    hey, I got Idea! WOOHOO

    What if you put a diaper on the end of a super soaker? I think it'll make a goo gun.

    i think you're thinking of ammonium nitrate... sodium polyacrylate is mainly used in diapers. oh, and i hope no one gets the idea to eat it-- they'd be stopped up for days, haha

    umm, ok, I am part of my family biz, and we make gel type freezer pack, not the quick freeze packs. The stuff we use in manufactured by a company in the UK, the company is called CIBA specialty chemicals. the substance is an organic silicone variation, it comes in various diameters and mesh sizes. normally in the form of granules or powder. it expands 100x it orginal size when added to water. so it makes a great medium to store water for making ice. the gel is put into a plastic bag and seal, pop it your freezer, they stay frozen in your cooler or whatever 150% longer than if you were to use ice. due to the properties of the gel water solution, it does get every were if the bag is punctured. it is also similar to the compound that most soft contact lenses are made of. ammonia nitrate an oxidizer, fertilizer, and it is difficult to make. from what I gather it does not generate any cooling effect in any chemical reaction that I know of, and if it does, i can not imagine it being very effective. however there is a chemical called urea, it has an endothermic reaction when added to water, normally used as a cold compress. urea is put in training pants for toddlers, so when they go by accident, the diaper portion gets rather cold fast, it some how supposed to motivate potty training.

    no, but sodium acetate has it own cool properties, it is used in "rechargeable" hand warmers.

    How to: vanishing water 'vanishing water' is another video and this is how to do it

    Haha very good, never seen that before ! psst you should change the title to "how to make water vanish"

    it absorbs the water and since its white when u show the cup to people they think whoa its gone when it isn't and if done right u can tip it up side down and nothing will fall out making people think its MAGIC