Vanity Mirrors and Coffee Cup Coasters From Old Hard Drives




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How to create small vanity mirrors and coffee cup coasters from old hard drives


1) The ability to use a screwdriver

2) Basic computer skills:

A) Creating a bootable ISO CD Disk

B) Connecting hard drives into external USB enclosures

Step 1: First: Obtain an ISO Image of Darik's Boot and Nuke

1) I used a SATA and IDE external USB case for the respective drives

2) After creating ISO CD of Darik's Boot and Nuke, boot off CD. I did so using an old IBM T42 laptop with the portable USB drive which I desired to erase attached. From within the software the space bar selects the USB drive to erase and F10 starts the process.

3) Erase each hard drive's contents (will take 10 minutes or 2 days to erase depending on size of drive)

Step 2: Removing the Cover and Platter Is Easy

1) Peeling off the sticky label to get at the hidden screws is the hardest part of this activity

2) If you don't have the right tool, take the old hard drive to the hardware store, show the clerk and he or she will find you the correct size tool to purchase for this step

Step 3: Cut the End of a 2x4 Piece of Wood at a 45 Degree Angle for the Mirror Stand

Two nails, or two screws inserted into holes of the hard drive spindle will hold the platter in place on the cut and sanded 2x4 piece

The hard drive case cover you just removed becomes a coffee coaster (they come in all designs, some round, some square. Some with feet, some not)

You can also hang these on your wall too for a quick touch up before a meeting

Polish the mirror (hard drive platter) with eye glass cleaner and a soft cloth to keep shiny

Step 4: The End

Give away to your geeky friends or keep the mirror handy for the ultimate selfie at your desk each day...because you're beautiful



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