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     As a new convert to E-cigs I noticed a lack of anything vape related on here. These are pictures of a carrying case I've been working on. The cases I had seen just weren't ME and the DIY is one of the things I love about it.  

     This case is a dart case with the inside stripped out and lined with foam. I'm not so good with the foam, or maybe I'm working with the wrong stuff but it's not turning out as tight as I wanted. When finished I hope to line it.  Any input on foam? Anything on vaping??! 

Remove lining from your chosen case.
Outline and draw what you want in there.
Cut out a template.
Cut out the foam.
Put together.

Please rate~ thanks! 

Where on here would this go??!



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    Nice box! Good to have a decent place for safe storage for trip and otherwise, and there just fun to have and build I agree.

    It would be a great idea to put a little solar panel on the top. It wouldn't be a great way to recharge the battery but it's still something :D

    Welcome to Vaping! :)

    My e-cig, beastmode

    14, 10:47 PM.jpg

    ok first i will say you need to use Styrofoam (you can get this cheap from home depot or any store of the type it is foam insulation board) than cover it with felt flannel or anything of your liking cut it to a firm fit with a hobby knife than cover (if you have a tippi than cutting foam is easy)
    that will give you the best fit available to anyone 

    I also recently discovered ecigs although mine looks more like a cigarette. I didn't like the case mine came with either or the searching of pockets to find the ecig without the case and you don't really smoke it like a cigarette, a couple puffs and your good to go. Each of my flavor canisters come with 2 silicone caps, one of those caps and some string gave me a lanyard. Now I can puff and drop the ecig and know right where it is next time. I did an "ible" of it but have changed it several times (mainly the cordage type) and now they even sell a similar version for $10.00... BTW, I'm now down to about a pack and a half a week !

    Nice design! Makes me want to make a case for my e-cig;-) I would suggest you might consider gluing a thin fabric over the foam, maybe a silk or nylon, to make it look a bit less like packaging...

    Since you already have the template transfer it to some plastic. Soda bottle flattened out, back of laundry soap or milk jugs. It doesn't really matter because in the end it won't show. Lay your vape on the table. This will be so you can gauge height. Now set your plastic template in place. Use toothpics, straws, what ever you have to elevate the template so it is in about the middle of the vape.

    Next wrap your vape in cling wrap or even a plastic baggy just be as tight as possible. Grease the outside with cooking spray, vaseline, what every oily based lubricant you have. Now take tow panes of glass. Grease those as well. Place your template and vape between the panes. This will give you the thickness needed. Clamp everything together. Enclose the edges with more plastic or what ever you have. Use "Great stuff" foam and fill the voids between the panes. The plastic template should act like a separation point for your make shift "mold". Cover the whole thing in felt.

    I have some foam that would work great for that.It cuts very nice with a sharp knife.I have one of those too. Just swing on by and I'll hook it up.

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    perhaps try making the inside out of craft foam (sometimes called crazy foam, fun fgoam that sort of thing) available from art/ craft shops. If you can't get it in thick sheets (i've only seen it in thin pieces) perhaps glue a few laters together.

    Just an idea