Vaping Rebuilding Station

Introduction: Vaping Rebuilding Station

About: vdubs, bobbers, and weird hobbys

I am an avid Vaper, it has become more of a hobby then a quit smoking thing for me. I have quit cigarettes and vape low nicotine for the bad days and no nicotine for whenever. if you have any vaping questions don't feel afraid to ask.

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Step 1: Acquire What You Have...

this is just what I use to make rebuilding alot easier for me. it's made with things most everyone have around the house.
Set of Helping Hands (for soldering)
510 connection (cannibalized from an old pen style mod that took a trip through the wash machine)

Step 2: Chop and Assemble

cut the 510 connection and affix it to the helping hands, not a hard concept. reassemble your helping hands how ever you would enjoy. I use the other clips to hold my screw driver and tweezer, or my kanthal.

Step 3: Make Adjustments and Let Me Know

now it's it's time for all the vapers of inscrutables to create something way better then mine, to build and expand on! And more vaping instructables!

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