Variable Power Supply

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Intro: Variable Power Supply

A simple DIY variable power supply for all your projects!
Questions? Feel free to ask them in the comments!
This would make a great Christmas gift! (View post-date!)
Also the voltage can be adjusted from 0-33v DC.(This can depend on your power adapter)
As always have fun and be safe when building projects that involve high voltages and soldering irons.

Step 1: Obtain Your Supplies

1. 0950-4392 power adapter (you can use anything, but this is what I used)
2. Spring speaker terminals
3. LED voltage panel (make sure it can measure the max output of your power adapter)
4. A DC-DC buck converter (you want to match the max voltage with this and your power adapter

Step 2: Prepare Your Wiring

Cut the end connector off if the power adapter and identify the positive/negative wires. If your power adapter has 3 wires use a voltmeter to detect which two wires put out the max voltage on your adapter.

Step 3: Make Your Connections

1. Solder the power adapter's wires to the corresponding positive and negative input spaces on the DC-DC buck converter
2. Solder some wire you salvaged from your power adapter (or purchased) and solder it to the spring speaker terminals.
3. Solder the positive from the spring terminal to the positive of the digital LED voltage meter panel and same with the negative.
4. Solder the negative wires coming from the voltmeter and terminals to the negative output in the buck converter and the same for the positive wires.

Step 4: Optional

If you want, you could buy a potentiometer with a knob to help with the adjusting, but I just use a flathead screwdriver. You could also make/find a housing for your project. I like the way it is because it is easy to set up and takes up less space.



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    Any sensible questions will be answered in comment section! Feel free to ask!

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    $6 China:


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    A LM2596 DC-DC Buck converter, but if you are using a different adapter make sure the dc dc buck converter can handle the max voltage from your adapter (as input).


    4 years ago

    Happy holidays everyone!


    4 years ago

    I am planning to up-scale this model using a home outlet and a bridge rectifier to produce a variable power supply producing a max of 240v DC