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Introduction: Variable Shelf

What would you think if there by a “Variable Shelf” that we could hang or place something on it? We made a useful and cool interior. This product can change itself from depending on various situations. If you want to hang clothes, you should pull down one stick. When you pull down all sticks, your favorite picture is there! In addition, you can put this product anywhere in your room and it can match the mood of your room.

Step 1: Prepare the Materials and Tools

To make the “Variable Shelf” we need these items.


(1) Picture frame (127 mm × 178 mm, made of wood)

(2) 7 wood sticks (120 mm × 12 mm × 24 mm)

(3) 7 hinges

(4) 28 nails

(5) Thin wood stick

(6) Picture (A) and (B) (same size)

(7) Magnet sheet

(8) 2 hooks


(1) Glue

(2) Scissors

(3) Hammer

(4) Gimlet

(5) Sawtooth

Step 2: Paste a Picture

Paste a picture (A) in a picture frame. Picture (A) should fit the picture frame (We used 5 × 7 inches picture). You can change Picture (A) at any time when you feel like.

Step 3: Attach Hinges

Drive nails with a hammer to connect hinges and wood sticks. Hinge’s position is in the narrow side (12 mm × 24 mm) of the wood sticks putting wide side (120 mm × 24 mm) up. Pay attention not to put hinges diagonally. If you put diagonally, it will be unbalanced.

Step 4: Attach Sticks

Drill a hole in the picture frame with a gimlet to make it easy to drive nails. Then, drive nails with a hammer to connect hinges and a picture frame on the angle of hinges are 90 degrees. The place of hinges is decided that picture (A) is covered by wood sticks.

Step 5: Attach a Thin Wood Stick

Paste a thin wood stick on the picture frame with glue. This thin stick makes the angle of wood sticks less than 90 degrees. (In this time, we use the stick of thickness is 2 mm).

Step 6: Cut a Picture

Cut a picture (B) following the wood stick in 7 pieces. We cut the picture 120 mm × 12 mm × 24 mm. You should select your favorite picture because it cannot be changed later.

Step 7: Attach Pictures

Paste each pictures on the stick with glue. Pay attention not to protrude it from the wooden sticks.

Step 8: Cut a Magnet Sheet

Cut a magnet sheet to a long sheet (18 mm × 160 mm) and 7 small pieces (18 mm × 20 mm).

Step 9: Attach Magnet Sheets

Paste the long magnet sheet on back side of a picture (A) and paste each small magnet pieces on back side of 7 wood sticks.

Step 10: Attach Hooks

Attach hooks on top of the picture frame. Be careful not to attach the hooks diagonally.

Step 11: Set the “Variable Shelf”

Finally, we only have to hang the variable shelf on the wall.

When you pull down one stick, you can hang clothes, umbrella, key holders, cords, and so on. When you pull down all sticks, you can put character figures, favorite objects, clocks, small flower vases, and so on.

How about making this excellent interior for your room more comfortable and fashionable?

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    Cool. I think that this is the first fold down picture that I have seen that had another picture behind it. That way you always have some wall art.