Varian Wrynn Cosplay

Introduction: Varian Wrynn Cosplay

Bit of a step by step of how i made my varian wrynn cosplay

Step 1: Materials

I hope i get everything off the top of my head, since its a lot of materials.

here goes nothing:

EVA Foam 1cm

EVA Foam 2mm


Matress foam


Various Fabric

Faux Fur

Fake leather




Acrylic paints

Metal Chain


Clear Casting Resin

Wood Glue

Hot Glue

Super Glue

Contact cement

Contact lenses


Step 2: Reference

From Muscles to wig to props, everything needs to be extensively researched. Luckily there were tons of character sheets of Varian

For the sword, i had to splice multiple images together so i could get a decent looking prop. There was no good detailed picture of the ingame model, and the image on the hearthstone card doesnt show the blade.

Step 3: Muscle Suit

Noone likes muscular characters being cosplayed by skinny guys. Since i cant gain about 100 pounds of muscle, i had to make my own.

Muscles were carved out of Matress foam, and then coated with spandex

Step 4: Patterning

This was especially hard for the shoulders since i didnt feel like 3d modelling them and there were no 3d models out there so i went with the good old hand patterning.

Basicly i just did a crosssection in illustrator, and then i built up the pattern with just paper and tape

Step 5: Foam Crafting

This is where you gotta get creative. no real trick to it, just lots of patience. i built all the armor pieces up in basic shapes, and then added the details. all the basics are 1 cm eva foam, details are 2mm foam

Step 6: Sewing?

since i couldnt get blue quilted fabric, i needed to quilt it myself. Not a fun job, but needed to be done nontheless

Also needed to sew the Cape, and Pants.

The Faux Fur was also attached to the armor.

Step 7: Sword Building

patterned the sword in Illustrator, cut it into segments and fed it to the lasercutter. The center piece was cut out of acrylic and engraved with a fireball, also slots for the leds were cut out.

The center piece is actually 2 sheets of acrylic of 2mm, so i could airbrush the inside of the pattern in Fireball colors, so the paint cant rub off and the outside is shiny.

I then glued the pieces back together, soldered in red leds, and added a chipset so the sword would pulsate. Once everything is glued together i put Insulation foam on the sword and carved in the details.

Step 8: Shoes and Accessories

Since Warcraft shoes are not very realistic, and regular shoes look stupid with the costume, i decided to make my own.

Base shoe is made out of EVA, skinned with heattreated 2mm Foam.

my favorite detail is the Soles of the shoes with the inlaid gold design.

Its not very useful or visible, but its the final step for a realistic cosplay

I also cast all the gems for the sword and Armor in Polyurethane Resin with a red tint and wrapped the handle with a leather braid.

I also ordered blue contact lenses, to have the right eye color. The wig started out as a long haired brown wig and was styled in a way that the ponytail has a center core of foam, thats screwed into the wig. The front hairline is made by glueing in fabric into the wig, and then working the hair into the fabric.

Step 9: Sealing and Painting

Everything was sealed with multiple layers of wood glue so the foam wouldnt soak up the paint.

Base coat of blue was laid down with spray cans and silver on the sword. The gold paint was added with gold rub n buff.

Everything was then weathered with washes, drybrushing and airbrush details

Step 10: End Result!

Putting everything on, also adding the scars with collodium and doing some basic makeup for highlighting chin and cheeks. and there you have it!

theres also a video of the whole process on my youtube:

if you want more pics or just follow my other work, feel free to follow me on youtube and on my facebook page:

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    2 years ago

    Great work! It looks like lot's of fun!


    3 years ago

    Woah, super impressive. Great job!


    3 years ago

    WOW! Awesome work and great photos!


    3 years ago

    Bad-Ass! :)


    Reply 3 years ago

    paint job came out awesome!


    3 years ago

    Wow... Just... Wow! Amazing work! :-)


    3 years ago

    Wow! You've got some amazing skill. Great techniques, and I love all the details. Well done.


    3 years ago

    The amount of detail you put into it really paid off, it looks amazing!