Variety Is the Spice of Life

This project is designed for a herb garden where your imagination is the limit.

It can easily be used for seedlings - or any type of plant for you patio! Be creative!

Step 1: Design

I designed it in Fusion 360 using the basic principle of Lego.

Step 2: Extrusion

After the basic design I extruded the top brim

Step 3: Extrusion

and the bottom one.

In the design phase the relations is more important than the actual dimensions.

I altered the size in the next phase...

Step 4: Slicing

I used Repetier Host. You van use any slicer app.

Keep the following in mind:

  1. You can resize with your slicer. Make sure that you keep your aspect ratio.
  2. The infill will depend on the hammering the pot will have to endure.
  3. I printed it with PLA @ 195C. Bed was not heated. Brim / skirt optional. No support needed

Step 5: Variety!!!

You may print as many as you need. Be creative and stack and place as you like!




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