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Introduction: Various Crafts

About: Professionally, I'm an English/Russian teacher. I love teaching, needlework and dancing. If you're interested in any more ideas for knitting and crocheting, visit my blog:

I made these things over the past few years, they are all different types of craft work - macrame, embroidery, sewing, crochet, craft ...



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    Those are cute! What did you use for the wings on the back of the black & white swans?

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    Thanks! Glad you like them. For the whole swan I use a piece of isolated wire or tin and wrap it up with pieces of stocking. You can shape the wire anyway you like (for body and wings) and then cover it with some elastic material. Unfortunately, these two were my very firsts and not so good, but I made one recently and instead of wire I crocheted the wings with golden thread. It looked beautiful. I'm sorry I haven't got a photo, I gave it away as a present.