Vase + Plate for Plants + Sealing Glass Bottle Cap From One Only PET Bottle




Introduction: Vase + Plate for Plants + Sealing Glass Bottle Cap From One Only PET Bottle

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Many people put plants on PET bottles, but we usually have to use 2 bottles to make the vase and the plate and the rest of the PET pieces are thrown away. Besides this we usually have to make holes on the bottom of the vase to let the water run out. I show here a simple idea to make a drained vase and the plate to retain the water from only one PET bottle.

To totally reuse the PET we can use the top part to do a glass bottle threaded cap. I've made this other tutorial showing it.

As I always like to write, I'm not a native English person, so please tell me about any mistake, any misused word or malformed phrase.

Step 1: Material - Materiais

You will only need:

1- PET bottle
2- A knife or anything than can cut the PET bottle
3- Permanent marker (optional)

Step 2: Marking the PET Bottle

  1. Mark one line neat the bottom of the bottle to cut the plate
  2. Mark one line near the top of the bottle to cut off the top
  3. A little below I've made a dotted line where we will fold the PET
  4. Between the top line and the dotted line we draw lines to cut and allow the folding (see pictures)

After marking all lines it's time to

  1. Cut the top
  2. Cut the vase
  3. Cut the longitudinal lines
  4. Fold the parts to the middle of the vase
  5. Rearrange the folded parts, so that each one is below the left one and over the right one (or the opposite)

Step 3: The End

Well, the vase and the plate are ready and now it's time to use them.

Some notes:

  • I usually like to put a napkin or a fabric below the substrate, but have already used without nothing.
  • Sometimes the bottom of the vase looks like won't support the soil weight. In this cases I usually do some plastic welding, kind of gluing the folded parts to increase their resistance. You can also do that with a hot screwdriver, a soldering iron, a hot nail or something like it.

Then we just put the soil on the vase and it's ready for your plant!

Again, here is another tutorial with a good idea to use the top of the PET bottle.

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    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    This is a nice design. It would make a good transplant starter plants, especially if you could easily open the bottoms.


    Reply 2 years ago

    The bottoms can be opened again, but I guess it would be better to take it out from top. The bottom would easily allow us to push the soil up with the plant. To do this it would also be a good idea to choose more straight bottles, like the one shown in the first picture of the instructable. Coke bottles with all those curves could make it hard to withdraw the soil. Taking it out from top would also allow us to do this with bigger plants, like the one shown in the last picture.

    Thanks for the idea!