Vaseline Lipgloss Only 2 Ingredients!!





Introduction: Vaseline Lipgloss Only 2 Ingredients!!

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Now you can have Vaseline and lipgloss mixed! And it will give more shine and color! And still be healthy for your lips. Ingredients: Vaseline (petroleum jelly) Lipgloss --------------------------------------------------------------- Toothpick Paper towel And a small container to put your Vaseline lipgloss in

Step 1: Mix It

1. First you're going to mix the lip gloss and petroleum jelly together in the small container. Mix this with a toothpick, try finding a container that is empty and if its dirty just simply wash it out with water.

Step 2: Shape It

1. You're going to shape the Vaseline so it won't be messy and stay flat. Do this with your finger.

Step 3: Freeze It

1. You're going to put it in the freezer for 20 minutes. Because its soggy so it will get more solid. And don't worry it won't freeze like ice. Finally we're done :D hope you enjoyed making this. And try it out!! ENJOY!!! :D



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    I tried this in an empty Chapstick tube. It didnt work well because I didn't fill in all the spaces :( but the combination is really cool! Great job on the instructible!

    I tried this and it really works :D

    Cool! BTW I'm following you! ;-)


    4 years ago

    So simple and easy!

    Thanks :D

    Creative and helpful